Monday, June 01, 2009

14months old

This has been a great weekend. We learned this weekend that unfortunately the boys did not win or even place in the Little Angels 2010 calendar, but we did help to raise over $25,000 for our wonderful NICU at Anne Arundel Medical Center. Thanks again and again and again to everyone who voted/donated. I will post when the published calendar is available for sale. Again, all proceeds from the calendar also go to the NICU.

Friday night my hubby and I put the boys down for bed and sneaked out to see Star Trek. It was our first time out together without babies in tow. And our first movie in well over a year, which is saying something since we both love movies and met 15 years ago working in a movie theatre.

Saturday we went to our friends housewarming and had a nice time hanging out with everyone, especially our new little friend Aubrey who was super sweet and demonstrated for the boys the proper way to crawl. They also had a great time and were not at all afraid of little puppy Bella the Pug, who was all over them and really sweet and tolerant of the boys grabbing her and loving her.

Sunday was the top of all our Adventures in Preemie Outings because it was a big Preemie get together with our friends (well, the ones that live local, though we desperately are wishing for a Disney Preemie convention) from the Preemie board on It was perfect weather and things went really well. It was my first play date taking the boys all by my self and I loved it. Even though both wanted my undivided attention the majority of the time. We got to hang out with our new friends Marino, Branden, and Simon. For us moms it felt like we'd known each other forever, and we're already working on making this a monthly get together. I didn't get many picutres because, well, my hands were full, but K (Branden's awesome Mom and practically our neighbor too) was sweet and took this picture of me with the boys. It's only the third picture of me alone with the boys ever. I am going to have to change that so it happens more often.

Today, Monday, the boys had an evaluation with our Infants & Toddlers Occupational Therapist (OT) and a Teacher as well. This was to re-evaluate their skills and development from our initial Early Intervention evaluation last July '08. They are both still behind even for their adjusted age but the level of "behind-ness" is spread all over from 6mos to 12mos adjusted ages because they do some things and not others, but all in all they are doing much better and remarkably so since they have been fed through feeding tubes. The big news is that we are no longer worried about their fine motor skills, though plan on continuing therapy because they are not on target for their actual age of 14 months old. Evan is performing in this area at a 12mos age and Cameron is only a month behind at 11mos, but that's only because he didn't want to show off.

The most wonderful thing about this evaluation is that there were absolutely no meltdowns from either baby, and Evan will let our OT handle and manipulate his body with minimal fussing. This is light years away in improvement from even four months ago, let alone a year ago. We are also continuing with PT for their gross motor skills but the PT feels strongly that Cameron will be walking by the end of summer and Evan is going to be right behind him. Monkey see, Monkey do, Mommy Monkey jump up and down with tears of joy!

Here's some more pics of my Little Angels.

Cam! Check this out! The duck has a hole in his belly just like we do! Wonder what happens when we HIS pull the plug out?

Best Friends Forever!

Cameron standing on his own for the first time! Look Ma! No hands!

Making friends with Ducky.


Lindsay said...

These pictures are so sweet!! Precious boys.

Valerie said...

I love Drew's face in the pic where Cam is standing! lol...priceless!

Dianna said...

Your boys always make me smile. :)

Annie and Jason said...

this is AWESOME!!!
Love the pic of cam standing and the look on your husband's face in the background!!! Priceless!

hey I wanted to share with you - have you discussed using probiotics on the boys at all? supposed to help a lot with reflux (and the motility issues we're having). Thought I'd pass along!!
The boys look so nice and chubby and sound like they are doing so well!!!!

tbonegrl said...

Goodness those pics are precious!