Monday, October 06, 2008

Reaching & Grabbing, plus update on our Urologist visit

As I sit here typing I am watching Cameron get very frustrated at reaching and grabbing for the toys I've placed in front of him in his swing. But the key here is that HE's DOING IT!!! Cameron is reaching out his hand towards a specific item (his monkey rattle from his play gym), opening the palm of his hand, and grasping the monkey's leg. Then he pulls it towards him but the monkey is to big for him to do more than that so he gets upset. He's tired and ready for a nap. But I couldn't be more excited!

Evan is in his bouncey swatting at the bird and being amazed at how the bird spins around on its bar. He is not as frustrated as Cameron and is seemingly more patient than tired Cameron. Both of these things are big steps and make me smile all over.

This morning we went to see the pediatric urologist about the boys hernias, Evan's hypospadius and penile chordee, and discuss when to fix and have them circumsized. Circumcision is not what we had planned but because of Evan's condition and since we're going in to fix their hernias we will be going ahead with the circumcisions. But none of this can happen until the boys are 9mos and weigh 15lbs. They can and have done these proceedures on smaller younger babies but out of consideration for their prematurity, Cameron's recent weaning off of oxygen, and their tiny sizes for 6 month olds (actual age) they prefer as a general rule to wait until the babies are much bigger.

This is just fine with me, I am not thrilled about having any surgery done on my guys but I'll be glad it's done with and they are fully healed. I'm not going to go into our decisions about circumcision and the question of to do it or not to do it. It's a personal thing for every family, though I can't imagine anyone chosing to have one twin circ'ed and not the other.

In any case, we go back in January for a follow up to see if the hernias still have not closed (keep your fingers crossed they don't become impacted between now and then so that we don't need to have any emergency surgeries) and make sure everyone has gained enough weight. It will be an outpatient surgery and they should come home with us the same day.

Uh oh, Evan's had enough of his bouncy chair. Time to go for a nap.


Trish said...

I've come to post a judgy comment about your son's penises!

HA.. not.
I got one on my blog when I mentioned it, so I'm just being bitter.

YAY! Exciting on the reaching and grabbing! Isn't it amazing the things that make you happy these days?

Jared & Becky said...

I am so glad that they are reaching and grabbing. I swear we have such similar situations although I am not lumping all preemies experiences together. If you refall I have 27 wkrs. and one of my boys also had the same hernias and hypospadius repair. If you have any questions don't hesitate to hop over to my blog and post although I am sure your dr has done a great job of giving you the details. I also wanted to encourage you regarding you first NICU follow up. It is extremely difficult not to get caught up in what they are saying to you and I am sure it should be taken seriously but keep in mind all that Dr.'s told you when you were going to deliver at 28 wks. If they were anything like mine they weren't super optomistic in fact it was pretty fatalistic if anything. Your boys are kicking butt and I think they will continue to. I saw huge leaps with Eli both emotionally and physically after his double hernia repair. They say it doesn't cause them discomfort but he changed dramatically. I am not try to make everything sunny for you because I know there are some realities that we all have to face with our preemies but please don't be discouraged. BTW sorry that I am writing a book but I FINALLY caught up with your blog. CONGRATS ON NO MORE OXYGEN!!! OK I think I am done :)