Tuesday, June 16, 2009


A good friend of mine found this article written about a food critic who also has a child who will not eat. She is right. Parenting is humbling, and it is not just a cute phrase people say, but as with many things in life to really understand it you have to live through it. I do understand it. And any port in the storm is better than no port. *sigh*

Thank god for so many other lost ships at sea! Thank you TriciaJoy for finding this article.


Annie and Jason said...

Hey Laura,
I do use a diaper, but I do it by choice. A bag extended off his tube is just way too much "stuff". He can't be as active and he can actually roll over his diaper sometimes! It actually is easier for him, so we deal with it.
I'm wondering how the heck we'd use a diaper once we can get the mic button??? I bet we can't. are you loving the button? can you take a pic and email it to me by the way? I know you have a photo on your blog of an example, but I'd like to see one on the boys. I just can't wait for him to get that thing!!!

Trish said...

You're welcome doll!

Jennifer said...

E&A shared 9 mini-chocolate donuts this morning. That will fatten them up!

Linda said...

I'm so happy I read your blog this morning and saw this article you posted! I'm saving it and reading it during our non existent breakfast. lol