Sunday, July 05, 2009

So Big!

I hope everyone has had a lovely Fourth of July weekend. While we didn't really do anything to celebrate the holiday, we did visit with friends and family so that was nice. And it has been an eventful week for us developmentally. Both Cameron and Evan are pulling up to a stand in their cribs. They can not go from laying on their backs to sitting up yet, but that is sure to happen very soon. But if they are sitting in their cribs, or in front of their exersaucer, they can pull up to a solid standing position and even side step several paces. Until now the cribs have been set up so they are still at the highest level, the newborn height, and we have not had to put the side railing up because they couldn't sit up. But that has all changed and so this weekend Daddy has lowered their cribs to the middle level and we now put their side rails up all the time. Yaaaay for big boy beds!

Also, we have retired our swings. The boys can barely fit into the lap buckles and both of them can do this....

Cameron now voluntarily rolls onto his belly, props himself up on hands and knees and rocks back and forth and scoots backwards. This is very frustrating for him as he really wants to go forward. He's almost figured out how to go from the crawl position to pulling up to a stand and can stand unassisted for almost a minute. He is also now found some new sounds "bebebe" and "wewewe".

Evan is hot on Cameron's heals and wants nothing to do with laying down and really just wants to practice his standing and pulling to a stand. Taking steps and getting into the crawl position is still extremely difficult for him and his neck strength is not what it should be yet and he tires easily from the poor muscle tone. But he's excited and happy to do tummy time now that it's more fun for him to do, thanks to the removal of the GJ tube. He hasn't picked up any new words but has started to realize that shaking his head from side to side means "no". Yikes!

Evan has been my good eater this week, while Cameron will not let anything pass his lips. It's immensely frustrating but we keep trying. At most they only tolerate eating about three tablespoons of pureed foods, and at worst every bit ends up on everything except in their mouths.

The vomiting is a raging pain in the neck to put it mildly, they still puke about two to five times a day, but it is still strictly reflux vomiting and not the bile that was caused by the GJ tubes they used to have. The worst hours are still from 2am to 6am, with the morning bolus feeding being worse than the afternoon bolus. We will keep trying to bolus the boys twice a day on the feeding pump and hope that they start to tolerate the increased compressed feeds and their stomachs stretch to accommodate the food but it has been somewhat unsuccessful overall. We have, on the advice of our pediatrician, started to give the boys one full 15mg solutab of Prevacid twice a day, the same dose that many adults take for severe reflux. Hopefully we'll see some improvement with the reflux in a about a week.

Chillin' with Dad

Cameron's new funny face.

Playing footsies in the stroller.


Jennifer said...

I'm so happy for you. I can't wait till they run from you in different directions and you go crazy!!

Trish said...

I can not believe how far they've come in the last few months. Pulling to stand?!
I'm SO impressed. Think they could teach Robbie?

Annie and Jason said...

Awe!!! THey look awesome and sound like they're doing great!
Brady does that in his swing and I don't know what to do for his naps pretty soon!!! eeek!

could you email me the specifics of your feeding plan on what you guys do now? I noticed you don't do j-feeds anymore, just g right? So when they do vomit they lose their food? I would love to be done with j, but I'm thinking Jax vomits too much for it :( but always a hope, right?!