Wednesday, October 06, 2010

1st Dose of Periactin = Toddler Hell

Great night last night, no puke and no one woke up in the middle of the night.  This morning the boys slept in until 7am (angels singing from the heavens) and were in fantastic moods.  That is until I gave the boys the first dose of their Periactin.  Holy hell was that a miserable morning.  It took about an hour before the full effect of the medication presented itself.  I was expecting sleepy kiddos, maybe a little cranky and whiney, even clingy.  Hopefully a little hungry too.  What we got were two tornadoes of misery and angst.  Nothing made them happy, they trashed the playroom.  They were much, MUCH more agressive with each other, became hysterical if one was being held but no the other.  Refused to share my lap (not unusual) but instead of the usual protest and dirty looks at me there were complete meltdowns and fighting.  And they pushed and shoved each other, something they never do, and threw things across the room with anger and all around threw the most humongous joint temper tantrum I have ever seen. 

I bailed on the idea of going to story time because it was clear that this would be a huge mistake.  So my mother and I decided we'd talk a walk around the neighborhood with the boys in their wagon.  Cameron threw a furious fit because I put Evan's shoes on first, while Evan was furious that I put shoes on him at all.  And once I had Cameron in my lap to put his shoes on he became a madman because I was putting the right shoe on the right foot, and he wanted the left shoe on the right foot.  The whole 20 minute ride/walk around the neighborhood was completed with sullen and sour faced toddlers sitting in stony silence the whole time, you'd swear they'd just had a screaming match but were now refusing to talk to each other or me or their Granny.

They did NOT eat well at all during breakfast and lunch.  They are NOT drinking fluids well either.  Now they are napping but Cameron keeps waking up at the slightest noise and screams bloody murder for a few minutes until he finally settles down and goes back to sleep.  It's been a very ugly day.  I think tomorrow I will cut the dose in half before giving it to them.