Monday, December 13, 2010

What do we want? When do we want it?

What does Cameron want?  FOOD!  And when does he want it?  NOW!

I really need to up my cooking game.  It's not enough to make kid friendly foods, I now have to make them faster and with more variety.  And ALL of it has to be high calorie, which is a real problem because even though he's eating so well there's lots and lots of leftovers.  And I swear his grilled cheese that is made with real butter on both sides and extra butter in the pan, mayo on the inside and muenster cheese and a slice of ham tastes far better than my own low calorie version.  I might as well make one for each of us right?  This will be the year that I gain back all 70lbs of pregnancy weight I lost two years ago on a dairy/lactose free diet.  *sigh*

What does Cameron eat?  Here's the list:

Ham steak
Buttered noodles (prefers rotelle shaped pasta)
Alfredo sauce on curly shapped noodles
Macaroni & Cheese (both name brand and homemade)
Ravioli (small size, only cheese and spinach for now, working on meat)
Rice with flavoring (ie. chicken & broccoli rice, cheesy rice, fried rice)
Crunchy BBQ Ranch burrito from California Tortilla (no lettuce because it's cut in long shredded strips, no beans because Mommy doesn't like them)
Chicken nuggets (prefers the Tyson dino shaped nuggets but will eat any kind as long as they are soft)
Sloppy Joe sandwiches (smoosh the bread flat and cut into small bite sized squares about thumb size)
Artichoke Flan from Wegman's (Mommy loves this too.)
Cheese pizza
Mini quiches
Mini pancakes with syrup and butter
French fries
Sweet potato fries
Potato pancakes with veggies
Veggie sticks and disks (he's not discriminate against shape)
Cheese puffs and Smart Puffs
Skinny pretzel sticks (aka. kretzels)

Stove Top Stuffing (He was rolling his eyes back in his head in ecstasy tonight when he tried it.)
Steamed carrot slices
Steamed green beans
Steamed broccoli
Mild cheddar cheese
Some kind of white cheese at a birthday party, trying to figure out what it was
Diced peaches
Mandarin oranges in syrup
Diced pears (but he's not crazy about them)
Apple (must be cut up in small chunks without skin)
Kix cereal
Cocoa Pebbles cereal (must have what Daddy is having)
Nilla Wafers
Fig Neutons
Teddy Grahams (honey only)
Goldfish crackers
Ritz Crackers
Gerber freeze dried apple, banana, strawberry
Gerber fruit twist snacks (these are a fantastic chewing exercise for kids)
Birthday cake
Chocolate chip cookies (but only the soft kind)
Brownies (no nuts)
Baked apples in cinamon
Some Greek yogurts
Scrambled egg with butter, heavy whipping creme and cheese
Toast with butter and sometimes with honey
Grilled cheese
Grilled diced ham & cheese (must be diced lunch meat because he can't pull the meat apart with his teeth yet)
Chicken & Stars soup
Entamen's Little Bite blueberry muffins
Hot Dogs
Vienna Sausages
Whole milk
Carnation Instant Breakfast
Apple & Eve juice in Punch, Berry, or Apple flavors watered down half & half

I feel like I'm forgetting something on this list.  And I'm thrilled at the diversity of the foods Cameron eats too, I owe that to the wonderful conditioning that our feeding clinic at Mt. Washington has helped us achieve.  Now I'm in constant search for some new great foods to try with him that are simple and quick to make but have lots of bang for our buck in calories.  It's a bonus if it's a food I can easily make fresh in small quantities because I end up eating leftovers or throwing much of it out because he can't eat it all and Evan refuses to touch food to his teeth.

What are your toddler's favorite foods?


Laura said...

Just found out the white cheese from the birthday party that Cameron loved is HeluvaGood Sharp Cheddar Cheese. Adding that to my grocery list now.

Anonymous said...

That's an amazing variety of food!

Some other options -
Noodles with pesto sauce
Meatballs (can freeze ahead)
Breakfast sausages (if you buy precooked just microwave)
Scrambled eggs with cheese
Mashed avocado
Chicken drummies
Mashed potatoes with cheese & broccoli mixed in

Jennifer said...

OMG, mine don't eat half that stuff! Makes my meals pretty easy, though. (Hot dogs again? OK!) You must be soooooo freakin' happy!