Sunday, August 10, 2008

Adventures in Preemie Outings #3 - Not So Silent and Almost Deadly

If you frequent Annapolis Mall, and plan on doing this in the next 24 hours, then consider this edition of Preemie Adventures a friendly warning. It's the least we could do for our loyal readers.

It's been such a lovely weekend outside but still just a little too warm and sticky and buggy to stay out too much. The mall is really the only temperature controlled environment that a stroller can go. And surprisingly it wasn't as crowded as we expected. We made the circuit of the mall and closing out our final lap we had to visit the Halloween Shoppe (it's freaking August people!!) as it's our favorite holiday. My dear husband has some crazy Halloween costume making skillz which I hope to showcase in another posting one day.

By this point we'd already been in the mall quite some time and had no agenda other than to stroll around, eat Auntie Annie's pretzels and drink lemonade, gafaw at the ridiculously adorable and expensive Janie & Jack baby clothes, and avoid the stares of strangers. After we'd just visited the Halloween Shoppe we noticed the Christmas Shoppe was right across the way (again, still August!!). Oh, and why do they spell it Shoppe instead of Shop like the rest of the world??

Anyway, it was a much larger store than the Halloween Shoppe and very empty of both items for sale as well as patrons for crowding. The bonus was it was nice and cold too. We could feel the air pouring out of the store entrance into the main thoroughfare. If you've read my earlier Preemie Adventure posts you'll agree this is a perfect place for both my big wheel long-hauler monster stroller and my polar bear-like husband, who prefers sub-arctic temperatures year round.

It was great. No other customers. Lots of space to do wheelies and stroller donuts without crashing into kitchy displays. There were lots of shiny things for the boys to look at too. The shoppe keeper lady was very nice, did the compulsory ooh and aww. She did ask the question "Are they twins?" (cringe, well duh? There are two of them.) Smile and respond "Yes, two boys" and some of the other typical niceties. During all of this chatter Drew, my husband, had been holding Evan in his arms because he was fussy and tired of being in his car seat. Actually, they both hate their car seats. And it's very difficult for them to pass gas in their car seats. Evan had been tooting his little six pound butt audibly all through the mall.

That's when Drew got a smartass smirk on his face and a proud Daddy glint in his eye and whispers to me, "It's not me, I swear! That one took all of twenty seconds for him to pass." I walk over to check Evan out and oh the smell!! It FILLED the store. Near by delicate ornaments were just wilting away. The poor shoppe keeper didn't say a word. I'm certain she thought it was one of us, but probably not the smallest baby she'd ever seen. It made my eyes water. Daddy was so proud he could hardly contain his fits and snorts of giggles as we left the store.

We really enjoyed our time in the Christmas Shoppe. It's a lovely store. But be forewarned, if you are planning to visit there you may want to give it some time to air out. Just saying... :- P


SoMdGrl83 said...

I just wanted to say I enjoy your blog. Congrats on your two boys. I am glad they are doing so well. My identical twin sister and I were born at almost 29 weeks. In 1983 Anne Arundel Medical Center flew my mom to Johns Hopkins and we were born there. I was 1lb 3oz and my sister was 1lb 6oz. So I know all that you are going through from my moms stories and pictures. We came home on all the machines too. I wish you the best of luck and I will continue to follow your amazing boys.

Cox Family said...

I'm clearly a 12 year old boy because I giggled through this whole post.

Jennifer said...

Haha, my husband farts and blames it on our twin girls (not even born yet)!

Anonymous said...

now drew can blame it on the boys and the dogs!
can you imagine how much stinkier they'll be when they are eating solid foods?!?

viji said...

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