Tuesday, August 05, 2008

Progress Report - 4 Months Old!

The boys are still doing great. Cameron is now 8lbs 4oz and Evan is 6lbs 8oz. Because of their good weight gain the pediatrician has agreed that we need to see if we can drop a middle of the night feeding and see if they will sleep at least 4+ hours straight. Oh the heaven, the pure joy that would be blessed sleep for more than an hour at a time... Last night was the first night we tried this and for the babies it went well. For me not so much. (Thanks Momdar!)

The boys got their 4 month shots and had no problems over night. Cameron is still at 1/4 liter oxygen though I'm fairly certain we'll get to either lower him to 1/8 liter or take him off completely except for meals and sleeping by next month. We continue to take him off the oxygen for short periods with the pulsox (which I will have to post pics of soon) and see that eh can be without oxygen assistance while deep asleep for up to 45 min. at a time. We have a follow up with the pulomonologist in two weeks. Evan is now officially off the lacto free formula and back on to breast milk. However after 17 very long weeks it's time for me to wean off the pumping.

I just can't keep up with it and my supply isn't that great anymore. I am wracked with guilt, but at the same time really excited to be done with pumping. I'm pleased with what I've been able to accomplish, even if it wasn't breastfeeding. Pumping exclusively for twins is quite a feat and I am so relieved I've done as much as I have. It will take some time for me to slowly stop pumping as it's quite painful to go cold turkey and I'm terrified of mastitis. I think in two to three weeks I'll be completely done and will have to return the rented hospital pump.

I know I said I would talk about the Infants and Toddlers Early Intervention Evaluation appointment in the next Progress Report but it's a long one so I will have to post it as a separate post.


Doubly Blessed said...

I only pumped too and you made it longer than I did-I only lasted 10 weeks! What a great start for your twins, try not to feel bad (impossible I know), but pumping that much is exhausting! When I was done it was amazing I felt like I had all this free time! :)

Jennifer said...

I felt so guilty for stopping, too! I read a post by a mom who was being made to feel guilty by other breastfeeding moms. She said that by not pumping she can spend more time with her babies, which is more important, anyway. And I totally agree. Your life is going to improve, trust me!

Blue Moon Mama said...

No, no guilt!! Despite an easy full term pregnancy, super easy delivery, and only one little baby, I STILL found breastfeeding just about the hardest thing I ever did. You can only do your best, and then you have to choose what causes the least angst for all, because in the long run, a sane mama is even better than breastmilk.

Congrats on doing it for 17 weeks. I can only imagine...

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