Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Follow up to Reflux Hell

So Friday I called the Pediatrician and she changed up the boys medications and told us to stop giving Prevacid and the vegetable oil in their bottles, increase the Zantac from .6 and .7mls three times a day to .9mls four times a day. By Saturday I was calling the on call pediatrician begging to give them the Prevacid and stop the Zantac completely because things had gotten about 10x worse! I'm glad I did it too because once I gave it to them they were a bit better and there was less shreiking and more eating. The Zantac is really making them hysterically irritable and refuse to eat anything.

On a bad note, the boys gained weight in the last two weeks but not nearly enough. Evan only gained 2oz now weighing 10lbs 2oz and Cameron gained 4 oz now weighing 11lbs 9oz. They have previously been trending about 1 1/2oz a day which is ideal, so they really haven't gotten any weight gain these last two weeks.

We have since cut out all the Zantac and changed their formula to 1/2 Good Start and 1/2 Enfamil AR and tonight I'm expecting night #4 of SLEEPING THROUGH THE NIGHT! I can't believe it! They go to bed at 7pm and have a bottle at 10pm and then sleep until 4am. It's amazing! I can't beleive it and hope it continues this way for a loooong time.

We aren't able to get in to see the GI specialist until the 25th but as long as things continue as they are right now or better I will be okay. We also met with an Occupational Therapist today but she really couldn't help us much because we need to ge the medical reflux issues resolved before she can pinpoint where we can use her help. I am already doing everything she was able to suggest so far. I just can't handle another week like last week.

Okay, off to make bottles for the night. Keep your fingers crossed that they continue to sleep through the night.


Blue Moon Mama said...

Could sleeping through the night be compromising their weight gain? The pipsqueak still does not sleep through the night, but maybe that is because he is breastfed?

I understand that one of the benefits of formula is that it keeps little tummies full for a longer period of time, so maybe that is the difference.

Anyway, glad to hear that you are getting some sleep. We think about you guys every day. Your efforts to fatten up those babies are heroic!!