Monday, January 05, 2009

Adventures in Preemie Outings #5: GI and Crash Bang!

Hi Everyone!
Cameron is typing the vowels while Evan is typing the consonants because Mommy is too sleepy to send out the update tonight. We kept her up aaaalllll last night fussing and whining and fussing some more.

Friday we ran errands to the mall in the wee early hours of the mall opening so that we'd avoid as many people as possible. That was nice and we had fun looking at all the sights. Many people liked to stop and stare but thankfully no one came to close. Saturday we had a great visit with Uncle Mike and Aunt Val and we were really well behaved then too, eating all of our bottle and hardly crying at all and even went to bed on time without a peep so that the grownups could actually have a nice evening to chat and play Banjo Kazooie.

We had such a great visit with Mommom & Poppop on Sunday. And it was great with Uncle Ray and Auntie Jenny at Bertucci's after we left Mommom & Poppop's too. Both of us slept and were in good moods the whole day, Cameron even ate his whole bottle at lunch. Bertucci's was fun because we got to watch another baby, Julian from accross the table. Mommy and Daddy had a great time being out like normal grown ups with Uncle Ray and Auntie Jenny, and Mommy is super excited about the extra clothes Julian gave us!! He's a snappy dresser. We like visiting and can't wait to do more of it once RSV season is over.

But today was only a so-so kind of day because we had our GI appointment at the University of Maryland. We were good boys but Cameron didn't want to eat his bottle in the doctor's office, and we thought it was great fun that both of us got to make a very smelly poo-poo surprise for the doctor to see. They are going to bump our caloric intake from about 22 calories in formula (takes 16 scoops of formula for 32 ounces of water) to 30 calories in formula (which will take 24 scoops of 32 ounces of water), which means we'll go from one and a half large cans of formula every day and a half to at least two cans every day and a half. At $29 a can that's a lot of formula. Yikes! Hope we like it.

We'll do this for about three weeks to see if we gain more weight and determine if our weight gain problem is also a metebolic issue as well as a reflux issue. At our next appointment they will see how much we gain and then talk about putting us on a allergen free soy based formula that requires a perscription so hopefully the insurance will pay for it because that can be upwards of $45 a can. Double Yikes! We'll also do blood work at that next visit to rule out infections and talk about other medications that might work, though it seems like they are happy that we're doing well with Prevacid. We like our cherry flavored nom-noms.

On our way home from the GI today we had quite an adventure. We were rear ended in a fender bender just a few blocks from the house. The poor lady behind us didn't realize we'd had to stop for someone ahead of us and she smacked real hard into our bumper. Every one is okay, we slept through it, and the damage is pretty minor. But poor Mommy is still a little shaken up because she saw it coming and couldn't do anything about it. It's okay though, we'll let her drive our red exersaucer car until she can convince Daddy to get her a new Toyota Sienna. Our exersaucer car goes real fast, makes vroom-vroom sounds, and bounces up and down. And it's made of plastic just like Aunt Val's car so it won't dent like Mommy's car did. :-P

Tomorrow we have our third shot to protect us from RSV but we're not looking forward to that because it really hurts. And on Wednesday we go back to University of Maryland for our 9 month old NICU follow up. Hopefully they will tell the state to give us more physical therapy.

That's all we have time to tell you about because Mommy and Granny Cathy said it's time for bed. Big hugs and slobbery kisses to everyone.

Cameron & Evan


Valerie said...

I really hope your new feeding plan works. And thank God you're all alright from the car accident.

Jennifer said...

Wow, guys, sounds like those GI doctors are trying some good stuff to make you big and strong! How many words do you type a minute? Teamwork!!