Saturday, August 01, 2009

"Growing by 2 Feet" - Happy Birthday Dillan Oliver!

You may remember my post a few months ago about celebrating a baby shower for my sister-in-law-in-law. Well.....

Today our newest nephew Dillan Oliver was born in to the world at 41weeks at 8lbs 2oz, 20.5inches long and very happy and healthy. Although I have only seen one picture so far he is as expected absolutely beautiful. It gives me great joy to know he baked as long as possible and come out perfect in every way. And I'm super proud of my little sister-in-law-in-law for delivering so quickly and with so little medical intervention. The new Daddy is ecstatic and doing just great as we all knew he would taking care of baby Dillan and Mommy. The rolls of baby fat already on baby Dillan's picture are delicious and he is completely snugable. We are so incredibly excited he's finally arrived and can not wait to meet him in person.

I know his grandparents, who live for their grandchildren, are particularly thrilled as this is their fifth grandbaby, fourth grandson, and the very first child of their youngest son and daughter-in-law. And I'm particularly excited for my mother-in-law who missed out on getting to actually touch, hold and snuggle her grand-twins Cameron and Evan until they were almost three months old, and it's not every day you get to welcome your grandchild into the world with a little snuggle so I think she's particularly thrilled to meet Dillan.

And to think that today I was getting ready to post just two big happy birthday wishes to my oldest nephew Tim and only niece Lucy who came over to eat birthday cake as their birthdays were this week too. We wish we could see them way more than we are able to, but now I get to shout a big Happy Birthday to Dillan Oliver too! What a great day.


tbonegrl said...

How exciting! Congrats to you all!