Sunday, August 30, 2009

Where's your nose?

Today I was able to confirm that the boys know where their nose and their mouth is. Ears, eyes, hair, cheeks, chin are much harder. They clap A LOT, and they know to shake their finger in a scolding way when Mommy Calls The Doctor And The Doctor Says "No More Monkeys Jumping On The Bed". And Evan loves to open sloppy wet kiss Mommy on the mouth all the time. Mostly he misses and I get a forehead or a nose or an eye, but you can tell what he's trying to do. They are champions at pointing and Cameron even says "See" at everything he points at, though I don't think he's knowingly saying the word see in the context that we normally use it.

We visited Mommom & Poppop and Uncle Chris and Timmy and Lucy and were perfect angels the entire visit. The boys even showed off their new ability to walk every chance they got. One of the best lines from today was from my niece Lucy who said "It sure is hard keeping these little guys entertained!" Truer words have never been spoken.

It was a great fun day!


Trish said...

wow, that's awesome! When did they start clapping, really?
Robbie's still staring at me like "that's an interesting thing you do with your hands" when I try to show him how.