Thursday, December 24, 2009

God Bless Elmo

Dear Elmo,
You are my hero. Thank you so much for my second early Christmas gift. (I will post another update later about my first early Christmas gift.) Today the boys were watching your Food, Water & Exercise video (yes, my form of subliminal messaging to get the boys to eat and sit still while on their feeding pumps). When the DVD ended it was Evan who called out to me "Mommy. Moooommmyyy! Melmo. Buh-buh Melmo." and waved bye-bye at the television. Then he signed the word for more, pointed at the television and said "Melmo" again.

Just so you know, this is momentous for a couple of reasons. Evan has not said an actual intelligible word in three and a half months since he started crawling and walking. Most dear to my heart is the fact that he called me Mommy, because he hasn't really said more than muh-muh and it wasn't really directed at me. Evan actually called me Mommy for the first time! And lastly, his speech therapist is going to pee her pants with glee when she learns that he said an actual two word sentence with a physical action in order to communicate information to me followed by a request for something important to him.

Naturally Evan gets another watch at your video, which I usually limit to one or two a day. How can I resist giving my little boy what he wants?? So thank you Elmo, thank you, thank you, thank you. You have me covered in Happy Christmas Tears.

With much love and affection,


Ivory said...


Trish said...

ACK! I'm crying!! That's amazing!

Pardon me while I go order an Elmo video...

Rose and the Princesses said...

I came across your blog when just looking around. And I want to say that is awesome!! My youngest has several delays including speach so I know how you feel about being called Mommy!! Congrats on such a big step!

Jennifer said...

You want more talking, turn on Thomas & Friends! Evan is totally obsessed. I mean OBSESSED!