Tuesday, December 08, 2009

Wow! Said the Owl

All this kid does is talk. Talk. Talk. Talk. And I think I'm understanding him about 10% of the time which is pretty good.

Yellow - Lellow
Purple - Puh-pa
Blue - Beyhew
Green - Geeh
Pee-ew - as in "that smells stinky" accompanied by a waving hand in front of the nose
Hi - with a wave (finally, this took forever)
Plane or Airplane - Payne or Ah-payne followed by a shushing sound and waving his hand to imitate the plane flying overhead.
Bubbles - plural with an "s" at the end, before it was just bubble
Owl - complete with Whoo whoo sound
Hooty - Whoo-ey the name of his stuffed owl.
Please - Peese
Pretty - Peh-ie
Apple Tree - Ah-phul Twee

He's not saying much specifically but he babbles a lot and is really exploring the sounds he can make with his mouth. He is very insistent when he wants something and will either grab your hand and make you do imitate an action that he wants (ie. rub his head, point to a picture, make a gesture) or he will bring his favorite book and shove it repeatedly into you, even drop it on our head if he needs to. His favorite books are Wow! Said the Owl and Chugga-Chugga Choo-Choo.

Pee-ew - with waving hand in front of nose. Yes, this one is popular in our house.
Whoo Whoo - this applies to the sound an owl makes as well as a choo-choo train.
Eek eek - the sound his stuffed squirrel Nutsy makes.

Today Cameron felt that the television remote control needed to take a dip in the water bowl. Guess I'm off to Comcast for a new remote control.


Pyjammy Pam said...

hey! the choo choo book is one of my boys' recent faves too. at least i like to read that one. it's fun to read. :D

Jennifer said...

OmG, are you in trouble...

Around here: nothing but Baby Beluga! The book, the song, anything beluga or whales. Get them hooked on it and then later you can send me the hate mail ;) Baby Beluga, Oh Baby Beluga...