Monday, April 19, 2010

Cameron is in luuurrrve!

Tonight we had another local preemie mom Katie come to the house with her little boy Brendan so my awesome hubby could maybe try to help her with her statistics homework. We see them every week at play groups and other GTG but they've never come to the house before. The minute Katie'd come into the playroom with me and the three boys (her son and my two) and all of the sudden Cameron could not get close enough to her. He was patting her arm softly, stroking her hair and saying "soft" and "pretty", getting up right in her face and rolling his eyes and batting his eyelashes at her. He practically pushed her own son out of her lap so he could snuggle up to her and say "I of you!" and writhe around like he was in heaven laying on the most luxurious seat ever created. Later, when it was time to put the boys to bed Cameron made himself so upset about leaving her that he threw up. That's true love and devotion! Too bad Miss Katie is already married. If things don't work out with her current man (Sorry Mr. Devin), Cameron is ready to try and step up to the plate.

Evan really just desperately wanted Brendan to pay attention to him and tried some similar Cameron-like tactics like smiling right in his face, pointing at the picture on his jacket, playing with the toys Brendan was looking at, and following him around. He was sure Brendan was there to be his bestest buddy for life. But Brendan was far more interested in the Legos and left over birthday balloon. Ah love, it's in the air!