Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Green Bean!

The last two days have been miserable nap and sleep days, filled with lots of reflux vomit for both boys. But tonight, even though the boys had slept less than 30 minutes all day, they tried their first green bean. Not that we haven't offered them before on lots of occasions. Usually they just turn up their noses and gag, never willing to touch it because it's slimy. But tonight Cameron stuck a whole green bean in his mouth mushed it up and swallowed. And he liked it!! Evan was willing to hold it to his lips and pretended to take a bite, then pretended to chew. We are soooo ready for feeding clinic.

On another note, our GI is nuts and has retracted her orders to get the boys onto 3 or 4 bolus feedings a day to get them off overnight feedings. Now she wants them to get all their pump feedings over the course of the ten hours of sleep overnight and only one very small bolus during their naps in the day. The idea being that they will be the hungriest during the day. I'm a bit pissed off about this, because we worked so hard to get them to do these boluses. And now we have to go back to overnight feedings? More reflux vomit in their sleep? More bad sleep and early wakings and early morning poopy diapers? And if this was the plan knowing that the feeding clinic will likely be putting us on this schedule, then why not have us doing this all along so that maybe Cameron and Evan would have started eating solid foods two months ago and we wouldn't be needing feeding clinic as a lovely cost of $16,000.00????? I can't wait to kick this doctor to the curb. But even more so, I can't wait to get the boys eating real food like normal kids.


kozer1 said...

I just switched my DD from overnight to 4 day boluses and she is eating BETTER than ever and sleeping wonderfully!! I would definitely second-guess your GI's decision. My GI was telling me much of the same, and I went against her medical advise, using my intuition and I was right. We still haven't found a new GI, but there is no way I am following her advice and told her so. Just do what YOU feel is right for your boys. A mother's intuition is rarely wrong :)

Annie and Jason said...

I'm so not down with the doctor's orders. Reflux is the worst at night and the boys are laying down. WHY do that to them?
We were told to mock real meals with 3 bolus feeds during the day, but to work on getting the bolus feeds FASTER, so there's more time in between to get hungry. I just don't understand how this is going to help C&E. Now they'll learn to only sleep with a full belly at night? Isn't that backwards?

I'm frustrated for you. But pumped about the GREEN BEAN :) That is AMAZING!
You do what you think is right, if that's the doc's orders or your own. Hang in there mama, ((hugs)).