Saturday, June 12, 2010

First Haircut

We have FINALLY gotten the boys their very first hair cut. Scissors have never come close to a precious hair on my boys heads. Until today Evan's very first extra long lock of hair, the one that was a good two inches longer than all the rest that I used to comb over the top of his head when he looked like a miniature 50 year old balding man is now sealed in a little keepsake baggie. Cameron also has his first curls sealed away too. I had wanted to wait until people were mistaking them for girls, but the constant issue of food getting in the hair was a pain to manage and it seemed like the boys were ready for the experience.

Now, I know you may be thinking, why not just do it yourself? And believe me, my husband and mother both fought the good fight. But I do not cut hair, ever. They will end up with horrid lopsided bowl cuts with odd random bald patches. Worse, someone would lose a finger or an eye. I am one of those people who has happily accepted that this is one thing I do not want to do myself if I don't have to. And especially for something as momentous as their first haircut. I wanted pictures of the event too, and since I am the resident photographer (although my skills are poor) I couldn't very well take pictures and cut hair at the same time. Plus who doesn't want to sit in a firetruck, airplane, or police car while watching Dora the Explorer when getting their "hairs did"?

Every weekend for the last 7 weeks we've been trying to go to a great place called Pigtails & Crewcuts in Annapolis. Each weekend was always something that prevented us from going, the boys took extra long naps, the shop was closed for the Memorial holiday, then they were closed for an employee's wedding, then the boys were sick, on and on. But I was determined to go there. This place specializes in cutting childrens hair. It's bright and has lots of toys and a train table for the kids to stay busy. If they like a toy off one of their shelves you can let them play with it if it will help keep them distracted, and then if they really like it and you want to reward them you can buy said toy too. Instead of the standard chairs you have in most salons they have an old fashioned airplane, firetruck, and police car. But if your child is agitated and needs mom or dad to help them, there are two chairs for the parent to sit in with the child on their lap instead. They also have a party room. Every station has a flat screen tv and the boys watched their favorite Dora episode. They barely noticed that their hair was being cut other than to swat at the hairdresser and whine a little bit. And I managed to keep it together and not get too emotional about my babies losing their first curls. Cameron's hair will likely be as pin straight as his father's hair. But Evan definitely still has some body and curl to it that I know will come back in humid weather and when it gets long again.

The whole thing took less than 10minutes and we were done. The boys even got to pick a toy from the treasure chest before leaving because they were so well behaved. They no longer look like toddlers just fresh grown out of infancy, but toddlers moving full steam ahead into big kids. My babies are gone, but not entirely. They are still my cuddle bugs even if they look too mature for their 26mos age.

The boys this week during our first unsuccessful attempt at making a thank you photo for the Feeding Clinic. You can see their hair gets a little wild.

Leaving "school" on Friday:

Cameron before the hair cut:

Evan before the hair cut:

Bye bye first curls:

See that one lock of hair going in the opposite direction towards his cheek? That's Evan's super long first lock of hair. It was at one time the only hair on his head.

Look how long it is!?!?!!

I think most people will now be able to tel the boys apart pretty easily at first glance.

And now for the reveal..... Introducing....

Cameron and Evan



Since the salon was so quick about cutting their hair we had about an hour to kill before lunch time and then heading home for nap time. So we walked to the nearby toy store, then we hit the pet store to check out the fish, lizards, ferrets, and rats. Evan was really impressed with the fish and kept going back to one take in particular and asking us "Where go?" (meaning, where is the fish hiding).

In this picture you can get a better idea of just how different the boys look to us, particularly noticeable is their size difference. Cameron is a half a head taller than Evan.

Evan asking "Where go?" of the fish in the tank.


Trish said...

holy guacamole. Those boys are too cute for words!
I like that they're not SUPER short. I did the same with Robbie. I like it a little crazy. Robbie's curls just like Evan's. Too cute!

tbonegrl said...

they look darling!!!! OMG!!!

kozer1 said...

So cute!!! You've got very handsome little boys there :) I think the length is perfect!

Annie and Jason said...

I'm a hair-cutting-maniac, but you already knew that ;)

I think the hair cuts are super symbolic to a fresh start for these kids... I LOVE IT!

Jennifer said...

OMG, their new hair is so blond and cute!