Monday, June 21, 2010


The boys are still trying to recuperate from their seven week ordeal we call "school" (aka feeding clinic). The whole production was just very overwhelming and exhausting for them. Evan is starting to slowly sleep a little bit better and I think by the end of this week he will be fully re-sleep trained. I on the other hand may have to be re-sleep trained myself. Evan is up by 5:45am because he poops, and who can sleep after they've pooped? But Cam is sleeping pretty well until 6:30 or 7am. But they both are exhausted and ready for nap by 10:30am or 11 and will nap for about 3 hours or more.

And they are starting to slowly get over their separation anxiety that developed because they would see me and then I would disappear at feeding clinic. Well, I should say, Evan didn't seem the least bit bothered by my leaving him and often would walk away without so much as a glance or a bye-bye. Cameron is my little emotional worry wart and he would refuse to get out of the stroller, would cling to me, cry and scream until he puked when I left him. Pretty typical of kids going to daycare, even the puking though Cameron is much more adept at it than most kids.

And when I would observe the boys in their feeding therapies Cameron was always asking the staff "Where Eban? Where Eban go?" At home Cameron was constantly reaffirming that "Mommy here?" and "Daddy here?" and "Where Eban? Where Granny?" Now that we are home every day he's always looking for me and gets very anxious when I leave his sight. Even to wash my hands in his line of sight makes him anxious.

Cameron is very good at making himself understood, though to the outsider it might take some translation. This morning I was putting some After Bite anti-itch cream on his mosquito bites (the damn bugs love Cam but rarely get Evan) and I guess it was a little stingy because he's scratched the bites open. He scooted away from me and with a very worried face said, "No more, all done, Eban's turn, do Eban." He did not want me to put any more cream on him and that was that.