Friday, January 02, 2009

Developmental Games for Fine & Gross Motor Skills

So as many of you know I post frequently on The Nest (also known as The on the preemie and multiples boards. I posted the question about searching for books and info on other activities I can do with my boys to help improve their fine and gross motor skills. Thanks again to PreemieParent and MHop for sharing your suggestions, advice and seeking out more information for us. Following is a link to a free guide on activities you can do with your child to improve these motor skills from ages Birth to 3 years old. Also, I'm including the link to PreemieParent's awesome blog which has so much wonderful information on preemies, oxygen assistance, reflux, motor development and other things that every preemie parent can benefit from knowing.

Motor Skill Development Guide

Parenting In the NICU and Beyond:

I hope that this reference is helpful to you. These activites can be used with all children, so don't feel that you can't use this information to help you develope your little one. And please feel free to pass this information on!