Wednesday, April 08, 2009

Another reason to celebrate!

The boys are officially on the charts! They are 12 months old, 9 and 1/2 months adjusted.

Cameron was 18lbs 15oz in the 5th %, Length 29" in the 25% for his ACTUAL age and not adjusting for prematurity, and Head Circumference 46.5cm in the 50% for his ACTUAL age again. He's now normal size for his actual age but very skinny.

Evan was 16lbs 4oz in almost the 5% for his ACTUAL age, Length is 27 1/4" in almost the 5% for his ACTUAL age and should be there for both by next month no problem with his current weight gain. Here's the big news: Head Circumference 45cm in the 50% for his ACTUAL age and so he's on the charts officially in that area. This means Evan is much smaller than other kids his actual age and still very skinny but growing and getting fatter.

This last one was most concerning because if the head growth slows, stops or does not keep up with the rest of the body it could be a sign of something bad like Cerebral Palsy, which is even more concerning because of Evan's poor muscle tone. Over the last two months the boys have gained almost 4lbs each!!! And because of all this growth they are starting to push up on tummy time, roll like maniacs, and are starting to sit when placed in that position. Cameron can sit up unassisted for several minutes as long as he's occupied. All thanks to the massive weight gain and reduced pain from reflux because we have the feeding tubes.

So we're all finally growing in the right direction.

Here are some pics I took over the beautiful sunny weekend we had recently.

Mom! Evan picked the flower!


Claire Green said...


Blue Moon Mama said...


I have a big pile of great summer clothes for the boys. I hadn't been in a hurry to get them to you because I wasn't sure they'd be able to wear them this summer -- they are size 12 months. But it looks like they will be a perfect fit! I hate to give up my beloved frog overalls (they are so cute!) but Julian is definitely too big for them.

I can't believe how fast your boys have grown. Such excellent news.

K. said...

Awesome news Laura. There will come a day when they will be big boys, and "normal" and you'll look back remembering all of the worry you had. It's so exciting that they are on the right track now! Love the latest photos of them - their smiles are infectious. Way to go boys!!!

Jennifer said...

Yay, Cameron and Evan and your huge noggins!