Wednesday, April 29, 2009


We went to the dreaded U of MD Children's Hospital today and saw our GI doctor who squeezed us in for 20 minutes to adjust the G portion of the GJ tubes in each baby. They were in about a little over 2 centimeters too far, which seems like a lot to me. I equate the discomfort and pain they were experiencing to the gallstone attacks I had before I had my gall bladder removed back in October. Just makes me feel even worse that the boys had to suffer this for so long. They seem better now and only each of them only had one vomiting session since 2pm today. This is a big improvement. They didn't even throw up when we gave them their meds tonight or during a big screaming fit they had waking up around 9pm tonight. The true test will be over night and the witching hours from 2am to 6am when their vomiting and reflux seem to be at their worst.

The two teeth the boys are each cutting are really starting to show now and both of them are willing to try putting things in their mouths to chew. They have this horrible expression on their faces like "I really don't want this gross thing in my mouth but I'll try it for you Mom" and are giving the teething a good go at it. They are putting things in their mouths on their own experimentally but nothing with great vigor. That will probably happen soon enough once the teeth really start to come through. I'm excited about trying to get them to let me take a picture of their first teeth to come in, but they usually have a finger in there poking and scraping at the the little sharp bumpy things. This may be a job for Daddy the Tickle Monster!


Annie and Jason said...

SO glad they had their tubes adjusted! You're doing such a great job Laura - keep fighting the fight girl!