Monday, May 04, 2009


As promised I'm posting pictures. I can't believe I haven't posted any since the beginning of April! If you have any doubts about how well feeding your baby through a feeding tube can work, compare the pictures of Cameron in the beginning to the last few at the end. Tonight we weighed him and he's now 21lbs and Evan is 17.5lbs. Woohoo!

Without further ado...

In this pic the boys are at Mom-mom & Pop-pop's for Easter. The bags next to each of them are the farrell bags which work by gravity allowing the fluids in the stomach to flow into a contained bag with an air vent to continuously vent their stomachs to relieve the pressure there. Don't worry they are spill proof so they can grab them and wave the bag around and nothing spills out.

Best $5 ever spent on this table! It's what gets them to stand up (with a little help from Daddy).

When I get tired Daddy works well as a seat.

The boys have discovered the joys of a frozen teether! Now they are trying to put all kinds of things in their mouths.

Here's a quick shot of the two teeth coming in on Cameron so far.

And the piece de resistance! Evan eating from a spoon with Daddy! Check out the smile in the end.


ivory and jamie said...

I cannot believe how big they are and how different they look!! So cute!

Trish said...

wow.. they have come SO far!

I love the video!

Kim said...


I want to thank you for recommending that fisher price sing along stage. I ran out and bought it the minute that I read that it helped your boys with sitting. Mia isn't there yet, but I can definitely tell that it will really help her work on it.

Kelly, Louis, and Ruby said...

They are looking so handsome! I love the picture of them playing the drums together =)

Annie said...

Beautiful, beautiful pictures! They are so adorable and I just love those chubby checks ;) Can't wait to see you guys!

Karol said...

wow! They are getting so big and squishy! And Evan is just going to town with the food. Way to go, little fellas! (This is Mrs D from the preemie/multiples boards, btw)

Linda said...

Lots of great pics!!!!