Monday, May 18, 2009

Up your nose with a rubber hose!

Our GI doctor is out of the office this week home sick herself so we went back to the ER with Cameron at 11am today and argued with the ER docs and the GI team about what was wrong with Cam to make him vomit so much. To recap: After getting home from the hospital on Saturday night he'd started vomiting tons of really dark green bile every hour and a half and had horrible diarrhea all night long. About 10 poopie diarrhea diapers in a row, about one every two hours. And he was still vomiting lots of dark green bile in his sleep. During today's visit to the ER the GI team said they thought,without running any tests, that the tube was probably fine and that he had a stomach virus but they wanted to stick him with IV hydration fluids and admit him for over night monitoring. At $2,000 a night for which we pay 10% we said not unless they can prove that he needs to stay.

We argued that things only got worse on Saturday when the ER team refused to correct the placement of the tube as we had demanded on Saturday, and today we demanded that the Interventional Radiology surgical team check placement since they were the ones who put it in originally.


Since 5:30pm when they finally pulled the tube back to 3cm (from 10cm which is 7cm too far into his belly pushing on his pylorus sphincter causing all of his discomfort) to now at 10pm he has not vomited once!

Booyah! Up the doctor's nose with a rubber hose!

Tomorrow after our first feeding clinic session I am demanding copies of the boys medical files so I can give them to the next GI doctor.


Kelly, Louis, and Ruby said...

How do you make a 7cm mistake? Really?! That's just ridiculous. You think they would be more vested in making such a little prince be comfortable! I'm so glad they fixed it!

Mommy2Be said...

I have followed your blog for a while, my twin daughter has a gj tube and a trach. Many other issues as well. Have you ever thought of going to Children's in Boston? We see Dr. Rosen who is amazing. I'm very picky about her doctors but she has been great to us and many other parents we have talked with. You are a great advocate for your twins!

Jennifer said...

Un. F'ing. Believable. I remember the days when I respected doctors and thought they were so smart. Those days are looooong gone. Now I think I could've been one! Sorry about all your BS.