Monday, August 10, 2009

Evan crawled for the first time!

Oh yes he did! Evan crawled for the first time today at Rollie Pollies. We were sitting in the waiting area before class started and Cameron and another baby Jacob were crawling all over the place. Daddy started following Cameron and Evan as usual became upset that he couldn't follow his brother and his daddy. He leaned as far forward as he could and rocked onto all fours and crawled about four steps forward before getting frustrated and rolling onto his side. Here's the pictures from this big accomplishment:

After this last shot I couldn't take any more because my camera was too slow and I couldn't see because I was crying.

Here are some more pictures from a great week.

Terrorizing poor Annabell at Mommom & Poppop's house. She's such a good dog.

The Bowie Boys at Rollie Pollies - Brendan, Cameron, Evan

Brendan charging full steam under the climbing mats.

Evan sitting on the 20ft trampoline. Bouncing is fun!

After Rollie Pollies - Our first family picture since Thanksgiving 2008.

Helping Daddy install the new baby gate.

Testing Daddy's baby gate building skills.


MrsKatieH said...

I am so happy for you all so incredibly happy!

wrensmommy said...

that's soooo great!
your pictures are super cute.

Annie and Jason said...

could the pictures be any cuter???

I'm so happy for you guys, Evan is starting to kick butt! someday he'll end up being a sports star and all his early struggles will be a distant memory!

shawna said...

I love the pictures. I didn't realize how little the mickey seems on bigger babies.

tbonegrl said...

Oh my goodness! I am crying too! I wish I could hug all of you!

Jennifer said...

Great update, yay! That Rollie Pollie or however you spell looks awesome.