Monday, January 04, 2010

Better and Better

We just finished up a double OT and Speech therapy session and the boys both did great, awesome, stupendous, and magnificently. My babies can eat food, find pleasure in putting things in their mouths that is food, and are social while doing it. They opened their mouths willingly, they bit and chewed crunchy foods. They dipped their Nuk brushes in applesauce and blueberries and then shoved the damn thing in their mouths happily many times. And they were sooooo talkative. They used words as well as sign language, had an argument between themselves in front of the OT therapist and the Speech therapist and resolved it themselves. Evan told me he had an owie and that baby needed a hug all with gestures and sign language.

Now they are down for hopefully and probably a very long nap and then we are off to the grocery store for another adventure.

Yes, Virginia, there is not one single iota of doubt in my mind that there really is in fact a Santa Claus.


Jennifer said...

I'm so happy for you, Laura!

Annie and Jason said...

I LOVE the last few posts here...they make me cry!
I can just imagine you in the mall eating with the boys too - I wish we lived near each other for outings like this :)
I'm so proud of all four of you - I know it takes a family-effort!
Can you take a pic of the TV unit that you're talking about?

Mii2GuYz said...

That is so cute that they argueed and resolved it themselves!! I love listening to kids talk like "big people" amoung themselves lol

Blue Moon Mama said...

I'm loving these recent updates!!


Such great news!