Thursday, January 14, 2010

Hanging in There

Not much to post about us because well, we're still sick and not going anywhere. Now Drew and I are sick with sore throats and runny noses. Other than that, Evan is very much on the mend and Cameron is still in the thick of the illness. As long as it doesn't get worse, we'll be just fine by next week. It does mean that we won't be going to the Playseum on Monday with all our Preemie buddies. We'd been really excited to go there since we haven't seen the whole gang in a while and it would be so much more fun now that everyone is able to run around on their own. Also the Playseum is new and full of great activities for toddlers who have lots of energy to burn.

Cameron's New Words -
Oh dear!
Oh no! (He uses this one A LOT!)

Evan's New Words -

Evan's babbling has increased and now he's mixing up his consonants and vowels like he's saying sentences in baby language. We had a particularly fun lunch date this past weekend with our friends The Squeaker and The Pipsqueak where the boys really seemed to open up, especially Evan. Evan got to sit next to his buddy the Pipsqueak, who is about six months older and very advanced in his language. They had a blast talking and laughing, smiling and about who knows what. The peals of laughter from that end of the table were priceless, but every time I got the camera going they would stop. Stinkers! I'll capture your cuteness yet!

And Cameron was being loved up by the Squeaker who is almost six. Squeaker has such a big heart and desperately wanted Cameron to interact with him the way that Evan and his brother were interacting, but Cameron was not in the attention giving mood that day. But I give Squeaker props and encourage him to keep trying, the boys just need a little time to warm up to big kids because they've never gotten to be around very many. Once Cameron sees all the cool things you can do he will follow you like a puppy dog.

Sorry, I've got no pictures to post right now. But hopefully we'll have more very soon. The boys are mostly just laying around, zombified by Elmo, sneezing and coughing and vomiting. It's been very rough at night because post nasal drip really causes havoc on our refluxers. They don't give us much warning before they start puking in their sleep. I've got to go now, someone is about to let one rip now, and I've got to get more laundry in the machine.


Blue Moon Mama said...

Aw, you say such nice things about my boys. It was a fun lunch!