Saturday, January 02, 2010

Kicking: Take Two!

We're on a roll folks!

Today we went to probably the noisiest, most crowded mall on the planet to return and exchange some Christmas gifts. At lunch time we sat down in the food court to have our lunch and attempt to feed the boys their solid foods. This never ever goes well when out in public, especially in noisy crowded places. But today was different, hopefully the continuing strong trend for the new year. I presented several spoons full of the same applesauce and blueberries to Evan and he opened his mouth willingly, leaned forward and ate them. I think I counted about seven baby spoons worth which is about a teaspoon of "solid" food. This is more solids from a spoon than he's ever eaten in one sitting. Cameron would have nothing of the applesauce and blueberries but loved dipping the spoon into the container and then shoving it in my mouth. He did try to taste it once, but I guess he just wasn't feeling it today.

But when I pulled out the Baby MumMum's he was all over that! He snatched his peice out of my hand. He would nibble and lick and smear the rice wafter all over his lips which was a shock for a kid with such texture aversion. He big chunks off over and over and over, chewed and swallowed and never once gagged or refused or became upset. He never threw his food on the floor and he never got upset at his food. And when he was done and didn't want the last tiny piece which was no bigger than an M&M candy he put it in the palm of my hand and very clearly said "Ah-done". Evan too was very interested in his Baby MumMums and ate several bites between offering his piece for Daddy to take bites of, and then snatching it back to crush tiny crumbs with his front teeth.

And when the boys saw us drinking our sodas from a straw they HAD to have them. As in they would scream and fuss and kick and push everything else away until we let them have our cup of soda. Neither baby liked the soda, mine was Coke and Drew's was Sprite. Both boys took sips, made the worst face and looked at us like they were thinking "Wow, you really drink this shit?" and then tried it again and again. They also drank about three and a half ounces of whole milk between each of them, and at least an ounce of water during our lunch too, An impressive quantity for them combined in less than an hour of sitting at a meal.

And to add the icing on the cake we had the pleasure of running into our good friends Tim, Jodi and their adorable daughter Zoƫ. It was cool running into them but what was even cooler was that they got to witness the beauty that is Cameron and Evan happily putting food in their mouths.

Then after a long day of shopping we headed home and picked up some *ahem* "yummy" Taco Bell for dinner for Mommy and Daddy. Cameron had have my quesadilla and then so did Evan. It was all I could do to keep them off my food!! I gave each boy a little teeny tiny piece of soft tortilla. Evan would not put it in his mouth and threw it on the floor. But Cameron promptly placed his peice in his mouth, took a bite, chewed and swallowed without so much as a grimace. Then Cameron let me put another teeny tiny piece in his mouth with my finger. I know, it's amazing, and more amazing that he opened his mouth and leaned in for more from me.

After those bites all the boys wanted from me was my glass of water, which Evan promptly dribbled down the front of his self and on to the floor. But that's okay, because no one threw up today and they both ate like champs.

Cameron's New Words:
Mommy, See You! - Meaning "Mommy, I can't see you!" when I leave his sight.
Hot Dog - Hah Dohg

Evan's New Words:
Go - but not using it in the right context just yet.

We're rollin' rollin' rollin'.....

Oh and here are some belated Christmas pics.

We like to use the drum to stand on and reach lots of things that we shouldn't reach.

What you don't see in this picture is the drum stick in Evan's hand that he is getting ready to whack Cameron on the drum/head with.

Thank you MomMom and PopPop for the Fisher Price CD players. I didn't think the boys would play with these too much but it's a darn thing we got two of them!! And our scooters too, they're awesome.

It's a really good thing Santa brought the boys the wall mounted TV and DVD player combo, because while we were sick for four days Elmo was the only thing that anyone wanted to do.

Thank you Aunt Donna for our bears! We love them, they snuggle us at nap time every day.

Santa also brought a great set of musical instruments including a drum. He gave the boys a set of play food too, which has been lots of fun learning all the new words and pretending to eat food.

Want to add 10min a day to your playroom clean up time? Get a ball pit!
The boys LOVE the ball pit that Santa brought them.

Following in Daddy's Etch-a-sketch art skillz.

Evan's first self portrait shot.


Sara B said...

Just catching up on your posts...Cameron and Evan are so blessed to have such a wonderful and devoted mommy, who is willing and able to do whatever it takes to help them. You're amazing! Miss you guys!!