Monday, February 22, 2010

Catastrophic Blizzard Damage

We had so much ice buildup in our gutters that last Thursday the gutters on the back of the house all fell down, fascia board, ice and all. The insurance company says this is falling under the category of Catastrophic Damage because there's a large number of people in the area experiencing this from the back to back monster blizzards we had at the beginning of this month. Hopefully we can find someone to come fix the damage soon. We are not the DIY kind of people for big projects like this. We learned our lesson when redoing one of our bathrooms that this is not an area that we excel in enough to take this task on. We also now have two toddlers who make us exhausted non-stop so the energy, drive, wherewithal and skill are just not available.

Can you see the worry going on in Chewie's head?

A small section of the block of ice that filled the gutters, about 25" wide and 6" deep.

Note the amount of snow on the barbecue grill with the gutter perched on top? That's catastrophic snow.

And because they're too cute, here's more pics of the boys from this weekend.

DJ Jazzy Evan playing the beats ya'll.

The world according to Evan: When you really love something, you must sit on it.

Cameron looking brainy.


Annie and Jason said...

Ugh, the smell of seafood makes me sick as well, but that sounds just awful for poor Cam!
And WOW, that storm kicked your house's butt! Will insurance cover it since it fits that category?