Thursday, February 11, 2010

Part two of Snowmageddon 2010

Just two days after the largest blizzard and snowfall on record for the Mid-Atlantic area dumping 30" of snow on us. We got between another 12" and 28" of snow but it's nearly impossible to tell what we got exactly from looking in our yard because we also had 40mph wind gusts so the snow drifts rang from nothing to 4 or 5' high. It was just not worth going out to experience the snowy goodness that has kept Drew happily home for a week. But maybe I will get the boys out tomorrow in the sun to show you how the path in the snow carved out to the cars is taller than they are. Crazy.

Relaxing in our new ride after an post-blizzard/pre-second blizzard afternoon trip to IKEA to stretch our legs. Best Ikea trip ever, there was no one there and the play area was perfect for two kiddos to run around on feeding tubes.

Must escape, going stir crazy in this house. Must. Get. Out!

Maybe I can get out by lifting the gate? Damn!


Jennifer said...

Love the new ride!