Tuesday, February 02, 2010

Snowpocalyps - Blizzard of 2010

We have been hit by the largest blizzard in 90 years getting a whopping 28" to 30" in most areas with really strong wind gusts causing the snow drifts in our neighborhood to be as tall as some of the cars. It is a challenge to keep two toddlers entertained all day when there isn't anywhere to go for a few days until they plow the streets and people get back to the grind. But in planning for this snowstorm we moved two of our outdoor slides inside to the play room. The room is a chaotic mess, but the boys are having the time of their lives. They are also starting to learn to be pushy and impatient and will shove each other out of the way, even if that means they fall down the slide or ladder. So we, the parents, are playing a lot of referee. They are still too young to really understand Time Out, but we are on the verge and soon I will be moving a pack'n'play into the playroom as my teaching time out tool. For now though we just teach them to not hit, push or shove, and that they have to wait their turn and let the other person go first. They know how to say "my turn" in sign language but don't know how to read it from their brother so it's still a lost piece of communication between them, but the foundation is building.

We did make it out in the snow, much to the boys' displeasure. I had to apologize profusely for subjecting them to snowsuit torture. Cameron said he's pretty sure there is something about this being illegal in the Geneva Convention or something, but I assured him that not wearing the snowsuits was not an option. They really can't move in the pants and jackets at all and their boots are a size or two too big anyway, so we are careful to not make them try to walk too much.

Dad made his first homemade toy for the boys, a sled. I am kicking myself for not picking up the last two toddler sleds I saw at Target over a week ago for only $15 each. But at the time the snowstorm wasn't even in the news yet, so I figured we'd passed the point of winter gear. But in the end this double toddler sled my husband made out of a cardboard box, an old plastic tablecloth (to keep the cardboard from getting wet), a couple of dog leashes, and some duct tape works just perfectly and cost us nothing.

The boys language skills are growing every day. They babble all day long non-stop and are really very expressive.

Argggh! (as in What does a Pirate say?)
Pie-at (Pirate)
Ladder (sometimes pronounced Yadder)
Sladder (combination of Ladder and Slide)


Weeeee (when going down the slide)
Go go go! (his new favorite thing to say)
All Done (pronounced ah dohn)


Jennifer said...

I just can't believe it. I love your pictures. I lived there seven years and the amount you are getting this winter is more than I saw all seven years put together. It is one for the books, and for the baby books, too!