Thursday, March 25, 2010

Putting on the Ritz

The boys have been introduced to Ritz crackers this week and for Cameron they are a major hit! So much so that today he gave me a little scare and surprise. I had handed him his crackers (one of his new words) and turned to get milk from the counter top to put on his highchair. When I turned back to him he was gagging and turning red, eyes watering. No biggie, I thought he'd taken a tiny bite like he usually does and gagged on it and was trying to throw up, like he usually does. But then he turned purple, opened his mouth really wide and out popped the whole cracker. He had put the WHOLE thing in his mouth. He's never put anything but empty spoons, teethers and a wet toothbrush in his mouth but never actual whole pieces of food. It startled me so much I think I yelped kind of loudly when he inhaled air. But here's where the bigger surprise comes in. He grabbed another cracker and tried the same trick not once, twice, but three times! And never once did he gag or throw up because of his oral aversion. Wonders will never cease.


Annie and Jason said...

Holy moly!
I knew exactly what you meant when you thought he bit some off and was gagging it up, but when you said WHOLE thing - WOW!!!
He certainly shows cues of wanting to really eat once in awhile doesn't he???
Such a rockstar ;)

Jennifer said...

Congrats! Maybe he loves salt goodness? I hope one day you will have to by a case of "circle crackers" at a time like we do!

Trish said...

Robbie will now knock you over to get some crackers. Apparently it's the magic food for our little anorexics.
He went through a big chocolate graham cracker phase (which was nice because they have a TON of calories) but these days he's all about the cheez-its.
I still break them up a bit, though, because he'll do the same thing.