Thursday, March 18, 2010

Weekend Getaway!

Boy have we been busy! It's beautiful out, so escape to the sunshine we must go. The boys have plateaued on their willingness to eat but they are talking up a storm and that's great. And plateauing is fine too, at least it's not going backwards. We have been doing lots of play dates recently, the best one is going to Storyville. Storyville is a toddler sized world with lots of things to do and play and lots of great books to read all supplied by the county library system for free. It's wonderful and so clean!

Hanging out with Auntie Annie, Lila and Sasha in the Infant Garden at Storyville:

Our friend Lila is giving Cameron & Evan a tutorial on how to use the cash register:

I also was granted a temporary weekend release from my Mommy duties by my awesome hubby to go to New Orleans and meet some wonderful Moms of Multiples (MoMs) for the first time. Drew stayed home with the boys all by himself for four days playing Mr. MoM, and did a fantastic job at it too (as expected, I might add). Thank you Sweetheart for allowing me to go on this weekend getaway. I'm so glad that we did it.

This is how a REAL man does it!

In honor of my hubby and children....

I met these amazing women through an online support group and we've become very close. We come from all over the country and all have at least one set of twins or triplets. We've known each other for about two years online, started our own private board about a year ago, and this past weekend about 30 of the almost 200 member group got to meet in person for the first time in New Orleans.

It was a fabulous weekend and perfect weather. And the highlight of my trip with these ladies was getting to meet my friend Annie in person for the first time. This is a specially moving thing for me because Annie has twin boys too, and one of them (Jax) is also on a feeding tube and has had to deal with everything we have and so much more because he's officially diagnosed with a very serious condition called CIPO, which in many scary ways mirrors what Cameron and Evan have been going through with all the vomiting. Annie is amazing and has really helped us through so much of our feeding tube and reflux experiences. Our first meeting was a ten minute hug filled with tears and joy, and I think we had all 30 women sobbing. All our boys are doing so great now that this get together was a real celebration and Annie and I finally got to have our much needed stiff drink together.

The group refers to itself as The MoMfia (you may have seen me refer to the MoMs and the MoMfia on FaceBook at times), and while the first rule of any great club is not to talk about it, I need to give a big shout out to all my girls who've gotten me through the last two years of having twins. Without their support I would be a wreck. It's also nice to know that someone else is still in a daze from having more than one kid at a time, even if it's one, two, three or four years later. On our weekend away from the kids we ate so much delicious food, especially Tamlyn's welcome dinner (so good!), went bar crawling, took a ghost tour, did some shopping, took a swamp boat tour, held an alligator, and learned by example how to get beads by Holly and her southern charm at the St. Patty's Day parade. We had such a great time and can not wait to do this again next year.

So without further ado, here are some of the obligatory pics from my trip that I'm allowed to post:
For my boys, who will never believe I did this without seeing the proof...

This hot little number is my good friend and soul-sister Annie. Yeah, I'm jealous. She's a size -2, and she's super sweet and wicked funny and cool.

Yes our group motto is "We laugh at your ONE baby." and "No Drama Llama's allowed. Girls only." If you had two or three or more children all at the same age you'd be laughing too!

Marcie managed to get the best beads, the were personalized with the letter M just for her!! ;-)