Tuesday, March 30, 2010

We Are 2! Happy Birthday!

I can not believe that I have two 2 year old toddler running around this house. Every time I see them shrieking past me I smile. Every single day Drew and I still say to each other "Hey, you know what's weird?" but the answer isn't just "We have twins." or "We're parents." Now it's "We have two two year olds." Cameron and Evan still blow our minds.

They are talking up a storm and every day it's something new. They both notice so much that we never see, and when we finally figure out what they're yammering about it's just as amazing to both Drew and me as it is to Cameron and Evan. The boys only run, there is no such thing as walk, and it is NEVER in the same direction at the same time. And if something can be climbed, they will climb it. They are entertaining the idea of food now, though still not technically eating anything. They love books, flowers, dogs, anything with wheels, buttons, levers, cranks, pulleys, doors, buckets, sticks, all zoo and farm animals, Elmo, Barney, and being outside.

We had a fabulous birthday party at Rollie Pollies on Saturday and all our friends and family were there to celebrate with us. Everyone was able to run around on the equipment, jump, bounce, throw, slide, roll, dive, swing, hop, and toddle. Even the grown-ups. And all the kids were wonderful, there were no real meltdowns and everyone had fun. Cameron got into the party spirit by sampling a lick of pizza and some Elmo candy, while Evan spent a large part of his time jumping on the trampoline and running through the moon bounce and slide. The boys received so many wonderful gifts and we want to thank everyone for them and for sharing this special event with our family. It means the world to us that this year the boys were able to have a REAL birthday party with friends and family about them.

In this first picture Cameron has just put a piece of pizza in his mouth for the first time, totally unprompted. He did not gag and he pulled the piece out without any anxiety, mostly because he didn't know what to do with the cheese once he had it in his mouth. There were several witnesses that saw the exchange, and had I not been so overcome with emotion that I had to leave the room I would have gotten more shots.

Cameron did suck on a piece of Elmo candy from the top of a cup cake. I have not been able to convince him to try this again, but I am not giving up.

Happy Birthday to my sweet, mischievous, energetic twosome. Daddy and I love you with all our hearts.


Trish said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY BOYS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Jen said...

Happy Birthday Cameron and Evan!

Annie and Jason said...

I love all the pictures.
I'm SO proud of Cam for putting pizza in his mouth all by himself! I would've had a moment myself ;)

You look BEAUTIFUL with the boys! I love your sweater - super cute.

I'm so proud of you and your husband for everything you've done to get your boys to 2. You guys are such wonderful parents and an inspiration to everyone.
Love you guys!