Thursday, September 23, 2010

I Plug You In, Mommy.

This morning Cameron grabbed a long thin scrap of paper we'd been playing with, lifted up my shirt and said "I plug you in, Mommy."  And then he pretended to plug his paper feeding tube into my imaginary G tube mickey button.  He did have a moment's pause looking around for my button and a quizzical look on his face when he didn't find what he knows he and his brother have on their bellies.  It was a very quick moment and then he moved on to something else completely forgetting what just happened.  It was our first encounter that he realized that I am different that him. 

I took the boys to the eye doctor for their 2 year exam and it went amazingly better than it did the last time we were there when they were about 8mos old.  They walked in on their own two feet, they were able to interact and show the doctor their ninja swatting skills every time he tried to put his hands near their face.  I had to explain that this is because of their oral aversion.  It was very interesting to see his ability to use thousands of happy meal toys (quite an impressive collection I might add, many were so cool I was playing with them for fun) just like the therapists do in the feeding program to get the boys to take bites.  The doctor had never heard of feeding therapy like this and so we swapped techniques on toddler distraction for a few seconds while the boys tried their best to destroy his office.  I love this eye doctor because not only has he seen the boys since they were 1lb and 2lbs and only a week old, he's just a really nice man who understands how kids, especially toddlers, work.  If you ever need an awesome Pediatric Ophthalmology specialist send me your email to and I'll forward you his information. 

The results of the examination are that at the moment we are officially free and clear of two of the primary prematurity eye problems, ROP (Retinopathy of Prematurity) and Strabismus (cross-eyed or wall-eyed).  But we are definitely on track for the third and less worrisome of the three, nearsightedness.  The boys had to have their eyes dilated and the exam confirmed that they are both slightly near sighted.  (And as usual with almost all their medical stats, with the exception of size and weight, they are near sighted to the exact same degree.)  Sure as hell could of fooled me, they seem to see EVERYTHING no matter how far or how close it may be.  The doctor said that they are entering the "stabilizing stage" of child growth where their eyes will not change much for a long period of time.  But he did say that they will need to come back in two years or right before they start pre-school/kindergarten so that if we need to get glasses that they can get used to wearing them before classes start.  So it seems that it's likely, though not guaranteed, that they will both need glasses by the time they go to school.

This is not really a big deal at all.  Everyone in our family wears glasses, so it seems inevitable that this would happen.  I am just surprised that they might need glasses much earlier than I expected. 


Annie and Jason said...

I'm so glad you posted about this. My guys have their eye exam next week and I had no idea what to expect although I was warned they would have their eyes dilated.
I won't be shocked if my guys need glasses by school-age as well. Jason and I are BLIND (-6.5 contact wearers) and I had glasses at the end of 1st grade (smurf glasses!).
I will have to warn the doc in advance of the oral aversion ninja swats :)
Love you guys, glad their eyes are A-OK so far!

As for the noticing of your non-existent g-tube, did you melt a little bit? I notice that Brady is confused sometimes when he points at Jax button and then his own belly button. Jax hasn't made too much of a notice yet, and I never want him to!