Tuesday, September 21, 2010

It Never Fails

Every time we have a series of days and nights without any episodes of vomiting for both boys I get excited and relieved.  That is until someone mentions or asks how the vomiting goes and I have to tell them the truth.  If it's someone who doesn't really talk to us very often I can just say "Oh, the same old same old one day at a time." and things go okay because that's how we live.  But it never ever fails that when someone close to us, especially people very involved with the boys from a feeding and medical standpoint, ask how things are going with the vomiting and I really do have to tell them the details that the reprieve ends.  Like clockwork.  A switch is flipped and the flood gates open.  We've gone almost a week without either of the boys vomiting in their sleep.  Today at our feeding therapy session I was asked how things were going and I had to tell the truth because the therapists and doctors need to know, and inside as I'm telling her the latest improved trend on vomit in our house I can just feel the good peaceful naps and nights slipping away.  Sure enough, at nap time today Evan threw up.  Nothing out of the ordinary for us, but it was almost a full week of no vomit which has now officially ended.  Back to the drawing board.  *sigh*


Annie and Jason said...


A friend asked me today about Jax and I said, "AHHHH, it's been since Friday, but I'm sure that will change in the next 24hrs".

I get it. I'm glad you got a break, and as always, hoping it was isolated.
hugs mama.

Trish said...

It happened to us forever, too.
I will say, though.. that's how the puking started to end. We'd get quick glimpses at a puke-free life.. then they'd come back.. but gradually, we got longer and longer puke-free glimpses and now it's honestly over.
(Watch. He'll puke tonight. :sigh:)