Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Nobody Jiggle the Babies!

Today I blogged about how if I say it out loud that the boys haven't puked in a while, they go and puke within 24hrs.  But there is always a silver lining to every cloud right?  Here's the silver lining from today's earlier post.

Evan has been very agressively trying to make himself throw up during meals, regardless of what we feed him, how fast or slow we try to feed him, or whether it's a solid (puree food) or liquid (milk, juice, water).  He gags and retches at all the foods we feed him (nothing new or different or strong), and after the puke at nap time I was pretty certain that we were going to be seeing more puke with his increased attempts to make himself vomit during meals.  And when I say increased attempts at puking I mean that two weeks ago he never attempted this kind of behavior, but as of this week he tries between two and eight times a meal to make himself sick.  I will try to video tape his new behavior tomorrow during breakfast to show you how subtle this kid works.  But our therapists from today's session witnessed it and both confirmed it was behavioral and not an illness or reflux. 

So back to the silver lining part.  Tonight Evan drank EIGHT ounces of whole milk and ate FOUR ounces of stage 2 lentils and rice puree.  And then he threw up.  But that's okay, he finished off another ounce of milk after he puked.  That's a total of THIRTEEN ounces of heavy liquids/purees in his tiny belly.  And the puke was likely triggered by his self induced gagging and retching as well as the fact that his belly has never been that full in his entire life. 

And not to be too outdone by his little brother, Cameron ate three and a half ounces of sweet corn casserole stage 2 puree and SIX ounces of whole milk.  That's more in one sitting than he's ever consumed in his life either.  And luckily he did not throw it up. 

We have a serious joke in our house.  Don't jiggle the babies.


Kim said...

Wow! That's awesome! Not that Evan is self-puking, but the eating is fantastic.