Sunday, September 14, 2008

Because It's our Favorite Holiday

... And it's just around the corner!

My husband has an annual obsession with making his own Halloween costumes. I have to say that despite his untrained background he has quite the artistic eye and is a master at jury rigging up some really elaborate costumes. Below I've posted the best of his costume collections from over the years. Tell us which one is your favorite in the poll on the right!

This year's costume is still undecided if he even finds the energy and time to make his own this year. Normally he would have been working on it beginning in May or June but I had him otherwise preoccupied this year. (Sorry Babe! Next year will be so kick ass!) But now he's got to make three costumes each year. In the immortal words of our good friend Shakes: "I don't know Drew... I don't know if you can pull it off!!"

Here are the costumes you can vote on in no particular order:

Twinkie the Kid

Lion O - Thundercats

Bender - Futureama

Ghost Buster

Optimus Prime - Transformers

So what are you going to be for halloween?? Are you brave enough to show pictures of your costume? I'll go first, here are two of mine:

Taylo (a la JLo) - for the record I was called Taylo for years before JLo and LesLo ever got their monnikers. I even had the big padded ba-donka donk backside!

Laura the Elf (with pointy ears):

Laura the Sim: (by the way, you can't tell in this picture but my green diamond actually did glow in the dark)

I'm not as adventurous as my husband, but then again you wouldn't catch me dead in a Cheetara costume if my life depended on it, especially now that I've had a couple of kittens!

Vote for your favorite costume in the poll to your right!


Anonymous said...

HAHAHA...I never saw the pic of Waldo behind Liono!!!
do you have any pictures of the Centaur? I heard it was amazing

Jennifer said...

I love Twinkie the Kid. The boys could be a Swiss Cake Roll or Ho HO, lol.

Amber and Matt said...

Love the costume pictures...what an inventive guy! My husband's big costume is Fred Flinstone and he doesn't have to try real hard to look like him, because he already does, lol!