Thursday, September 04, 2008

Big Big Baby News!

He did it! Cameron has finally weaned himself off of oxygen assistance!

We couldn't be more relieved that the end of the evil oxygen concentrator and the portable oxygen tank has arrived. On Monday I went to the ER for gallstones, and on Tuesday I decided it was time to start a more aggressive approach to weaning. As our usual prescribed method I dropped Cameron down to 0% oxygen while he was deep asleep. An hour went by, two hours, three, no desatting at all! Four hours.... He stayed at 0% oxygen for the last 96 hours and had no desats to speak of at all. He did have a couple of bradys and apneas, but I'm absolutely certain they were false because they all happened while I was holding him and he was awake and smiling at me. I'm very tired. We all are. Well, except of course for the boys who are just as happy as can be.

Taking Cameron home on oxygen was the scariest decision we've ever had to make in our lives and it was the best. It has been a very long road, and we're not out of the woods yet, but the biggest baddest hurdle has been surpassed and we are ready and able to tackle anything. Today another milestone has passed. He's also 9lbs 8oz today, a far cry from his 2lbs 14oz at birth.

Cameron before:

Cameron after:

Today was the first time I have ever been able to gaze upon my oldest baby's face without tubes. It is one of the most moving and beautiful things ever. And he smiled the entire time I took the nasal cannula tape off, usually a painful sticky process.

Not to be forgotten or out done in the cuteness factor is Evan who is now a whopping 7lbs 14oz. A long way from his 1lb 7oz!

Both boys are doing well developmentally at 5 months old (OMG! It's been five months!!?!?!??) though at their adjusted age of almost 3 months. Cameron can hold his head up pretty well and is reaching for things to swat at. Evan is about two weeks behind in the same skills but working very hard at tummy time. Both boys as you can see have become quite the social butterflies and have long talks with their toy stuffed puppy dogs and flirt with Mommy and Granny Cathy all the time. Things are going so well.

I am such a happy Mommy and Drew is such a proud Daddy!

Here's the boys latest picture together. Now that Cameron has no nose tubes I can't believe I have to say this but... Evan is on the left and Cameron is on the right! I'm feeling a little verklempt.


Doubly Blessed said...


gr8joy said...

congratulations!! such a happy day i'm sure! i can just imagine how great it must feel to see cameron tube free! so happy for all of you!!! yay cameron! evan is growing some cheeks too! so cute!

Pam said...

wonderful news! so happy to hear, and lovely to see your cameron without his tubes. you are a great mama. :)

Heather said...

Wonderful news! You've done a great job weaning him!


SaraBelle said...

Yay! And oh my gosh . . . the boys are so cute in these pictures!!

Valerie said...

That is so great!! They are so cute!