Tuesday, September 02, 2008

No one told me this would happen!!!

I spent the better part of the evening last night in the Emergency Room for what I thought was an oddly reoccurring case of food poisoning only to learn that I have several "small" gallstones. And that there is no cure, only that it will continue to happen until I have the gallbladder removed. Lovely. Just lovely.

I read each of my pregnancy books cover to cover and none of them ever said anything about GALLSTONES!! None of them had a section on What To Expect Will Happen To You AFTER Having a Baby. How convenient. It's like signing a contract without being able to read the fine print.

Sagging boobs, pants that don't fit the same way they used to even though you're back to your pre-pregnancy size, post-pregnancy swelling in the ankles, wrists that get bad bad bad carple tunnel syndrome from carrying babies and car seats, and gallstones are some of the many lovely things that can and often will happen to women after giving birth.

Luckily it's an outpatient surgery done laproscopically (sp?) and recovery is very quick. Never the less, I now have to have another surgery. And the side effects of not having a gallbladder (which is the organ that creates bile to help you digest your food) is that you can't eat fried, greasy, fatty foods including some veggies. The result is an unpleasant bloating and odoriferous side effect.

Guess I'll be giving Evan and Uncle Mike a run for their money, huh?


Amber and Matt said...

Cause in case you haven't spent enough time in the hospital this year....oh well, at least it's done with very little intrusion. GL!!

Anonymous said...

Now the boys will have someone else to blame it on!

My mom had hers out a few years ago and hasn't had any problems with foods that she didn't have before.
You can't take motion sickness meds though.