Wednesday, March 04, 2009

Happy Birthday to my wonderful husband!

I love you more than words and actions and gifts and hugs and kisses can ever say!
Happy 35th Birthday!


Anonymous said...

Horray Drizzle!

Annie and Jason said...

Happy Birthday to a great papa!

In reference to your last comment:
We have a "urisil" (sp?) bag continually contected to his g-port. It has a suction in it that literally sucks out the stomach contents. What the bags that you're talking about? We add Pedialyte to his Neocate/Duocal mix to replace the lost fluids. I have his Electrolytes checked at each check up then.

We don't put any meds into the g-port, all go into the j-port. I had many discussions with the docs about this, and this was the final decision. I will flush his g-port once in awhile, but always have that bag hooked up to it. I'm really interested hear what bag your using.

I hate the fact that your boys are on GJ tubes, but I must say I'm comforted to have you to discuss these things with.

Oh...and Jax will only let his fingers in his mouth. I can get a paci in to desenstise him, but he will never latch/suck on it.

As for the rolling - I've decided to have tough-love. I put him on the floor and make him struggle, and it's actually been working. He's started to push up, and push to the side and has "half rolled" so far. The therapist agreed that I have to just make him work harder. His torticollis is clearing up nicely. I don't remember if your boys had that??

Keep me updated!