Thursday, March 12, 2009

This Sh*t's Bananas! B-A-N-A-N-A-S!

In the immortal words of lovely lady Gwen Steffani.... She must have been inspired by her son Kingston.

I like food very much and like to think of myself as a moderately adventurous eater. But my least favorite food in the whole wide world is bananas. I hate them in any shape and form and permutation. They are nasty, smelly, slimy, putrid, foul smelling things. I have hated them since the day I was born. My mother remembers me heaving any time she tried to give them to me. They still make me retch and gag and recoil. A truly visceral reaction with the tingling in the back of my jaw and everything just from imagining trying to eat them.

So now that I have children of my own it's time to suck it up, do the right thing, and live with the ghastly things. Every mother makes their children try something even if they don't like it. It's healthy to try new things. You might say, oh you don't have to feed it to them, they'll try them on their own and if they like them great and if they don't no biggie right?

But today we hit the jackpot. The mother load. Amen, hallelujah, hells yeah, and Eureka! THEY. LOVE. BANANAS. I have never ever seen two babies get so freaking hysterical about having something put in their mouths as these two did today. They were grunting and squealing and opened mouths like little starving baby birds and we scraped the bowls clean. If he hadn't been strapped to his bouncy chair Evan would have fallen out of it he was so excited. Cameron is more reserved with his expression so I don't know if it's his favorite food as compared to carrots but he was still more animated than I've ever seen before.

We are only allowed to give them 1 tablespoon of stage 1 puree foods as a taste to keep them from forgetting what it's like to use their mouths and to work on desensitizing their mouths to flavors and textures because we will probably (and sadly) have to bypass the bottle stage forever. Most of the time they wont even eat half of the tablespoon and the session ends in gagging, heaving and vomiting, tears and a nap. Their oral aversion is pretty bad for right now and it will take time to get them to like putting things like food in their mouths. Hopefully teeth will come in soon (yikes and double yikes!) and that will help them jump that hurdle.

So far we have tried rice cereal with formula, avocado, prunes, pears, peaches, sweat peas, applesauce, sweet potato, carrots and now bananas. And the day had started off so badly too, with neither baby sleeping at all last night, both heaving and throwing up all their reflux meds, and neither taking more than a 20 minute nap from 4am to 2pm. Try and try and try as we might my mother and I could not get them to nap. And we had our usual 11:30am PT session and expected that to go horribly, but instead it was awesome. And the boys were in such good moods we decided to try a new food before attempting to put them down for a long afternoon nap. They stayed up for another hour and a half after the bananas.

The long afternoon nap isn't going so well but who cares? They ate bananas and were actually happy about it.

I love bananas.

Here are a couple of videos and pics of their high energy antics right after the banana session.


ivory and jamie said...

They are so cute that I almost can't stand it. I just want to smoosh them!!

Dianna said...

Yay for bananas!!!!!!!
Your boys are just so adorable. Their smiles always make me smile.

Annie and Jason said...

I just LOVE your boys :)

I put a drop of formula in Jaxon's mouth and violenty vomited I never put anything else in there....a piece of me wants to try bananas tomorrow because we were going to introduce them to Brady...hmmmm....maybe just a dot in his mouth and see how he does???

seriously...the boys ARE SO CUTE!!!!

Jennifer said...

Wow, a banana jackpot! Congrats, I'm so happy for you. Who knew bananas would be the source for so much happiness. Side note: avacodos?? I might try those to fatten mine up!

Sara said...

Too funny. I feel exactly the same way about bananas that you do. It skeeves me out to even have to smell them, much less touch them. Ugh. I will say that, like yours, mine love them with a fervent and exciting love - so I get over it. So glad you had such a success!


Trish said...

YAY bananas!

Valerie said...

YAY for bananas!!! I love the baby bird comment - that's how mine are when they're getting food they love.