Tuesday, January 12, 2010


Took them this afternoon and she said that they do have some wheezing, especially Evan and that she thinks the worst is not over for Cameron yet. We are on a wait and see mode since at the visit they were screaming hysterically like they always do when you go to the doctors and she felt they couldn't be that bad off if they were screaming that badly. It took about 30min of us sitting and chatting to get them to calm down enough for her to get close enough so she could listen to them while I distracted them with toys and books and acting goofy. I love our pedi, she understands what the boys have been through and doesn't take it personally.

We were going to do breathing treatments tonight and tomorrow, but only if they seemed like they needed them which at the moment they are doing really well. The doctor also said to give them a very small dose of Benadryll to help dry the sinuses up a little in hopes of letting them get some sleep and prevent more post nasal drip from causing a gag reflex and increase in their already copious amount of vomit. Now I have to figure out how to give it to them by mouth because it will work better that way. I'll only try so hard and then give up and put it in the feeding tube.

Evan was very vocal about his displeasure at being at the doctors office. We haven't been there in two months since their 18month shots and prior to that we hadn't been there since their 15mos shots, so it was impressive that he knew where he was. All the way down the hall to the entrance he was saying bye-bye and waving. When the receptionist said hello to the boys (we're kinda famous there) he waved and said bye-bye with a pouty lip which cracked the front desk girls up. Evan was not amused. Then he did it again to the nurse who checked us in with weights and temperatures, and then again to the doctor while we were chatting. He was making sure EVERYONE there knew he wanted to leave. Cameron just shivers and shakes, screams and cries while clinging to me like a little monkey. You'd think they were being stabbed to death when I take their clothes off and weigh them and get the temperature. The nurse never even touches them.

Here's some pics from this past week:


Sara said...

Poor little guys! I hope they get over this quickly. I love the pic of dad in the balls with them! So fun!

Jennifer said...

Oh my goodness, they look like little men! I love the pic of them watching TV in pirate hats :)