Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Another Hollow Leg Day

I can not believe this is happening.  It's like a dream come true.  I have to pinch myself. 

Today Cameron has consumed the following food items by mouth:

9.5oz of whole milk
4+oz of juice
1oz of water
2 inches of buttered toast
1 jar of puree (at 180cal for 4oz) for breakfast
1 jar of puree (80 cal for 4oz) for lunch
1 jar of puree (120 cal for 4oz) for dinner
4 yogurt melts
6 goldfish
2 small skinny pretzel sticks
4 BBQ flavored potato chips
almost 1/4 of a grilled cheese sandwich
about 1/4 cup of buttered noodles with swiss cheese

Can you believe this??  And he's not even on any Periactin this week!!  My heart is racing.  I was stunned that he was at all interested in my grilled cheese sandwich, never mind that he would over the course of 45minutes nibble nearly 1/4 of it happily. 

And Evan is eating better each day, just a little more volume in his liquids and purees.  He's actively showing off his interest in taking new foods, tasting them (he loved to lick the grilled cheese, I used extra butter), and now he's making a point of showing me he can touch his top teeth to food.  He won't touch his bottom teeth, but that's okay for now.  I'll take it, because touching food to his teeth has taking 9 long months to convince him to try doing. 

The boys are super cuddly and I am getting lots of spontaneous hugs and kisses and "I wuv youuuuu Mommy" throughout the day.


Annie and Jason said...

This melts my heart...

can I rent you out to help me??