Tuesday, November 16, 2010

That's The Very Last Time

That post yesterday will be the very last time I ever mention that either Cameron or Evan have not puked in however many days it might be.  Tonight just before bed while still messing around in the playroom Cameron started coughing and it continued into a vomit.  All he had in his stomach was a little bit of undigested noodles and carrots and juice but it was still a puke and we're not exactly sure what caused it.  He's had a runny nose today, some sneezing and coughing but nothing significant.  No fever either, so I can only assume reflux or a random gag triggered by something that went volcanic.  Either way, I'm not going to post when the boys have stopped puking ever again.  Because every time I do, within 24 hours they puke.  I've had enough puke, I'm so done with it.  We are the masters at puking, there are very few people who've ever dealt with more puke than us and they all read this blog.  For the record, you can just go ahead and assume that if we've removed the boys feeding tubes from their bellies that they don't reflux vomit any more.  And we'll never count pukes again.  M'kay?


Annie and Jason said...

totally get it. totally...