Saturday, November 06, 2010

Sleep Cameron

Tonight we visited with Mom-mom and Pop-pop and all our cousins, Tim, Lucy, and baby Dillan, were there for the first time under one roof.  Made the grandparents giddy with joy at the utter chaos.  We had a great time and the boys were just happy as can be.  Cameron ate about two inches of cheese pizza, three cheese puffs (13 calories per puff), and 3ounces of a stage 3 puree, and only maybe 4oz of juice.  Evan sucked on a piece of pepperoni like it was pure ecstasy, letting it hang out of his mouth and putting his hands up as if to say "Look Ma! No hands!" He also gummed and licked a piece of pizza until it was soggy pulp, then ate 4ounces of his favorite stage 2 puree (which happens to be 110calories for 4oz) and drank about 5oz of juice.  The cousins played and played and then it was time to go home.  Then on the way home the boys fell asleep. 

Usually when we have to move Cameron from his car seat he gets hell-a mad and pitches a complete fit until we put him in his crib, but for the first time ever he didn't even bother to bat an eyelash.  Instead, when I laid him down in his crib to hook him up to his feeding pump he lifted up his shirt, scratched his belly with both hands yawning and smacking his lips, then rolled over and said, "Cahmon sweeping." and pretended to snore loudly a couple of times before actually going back to a peaceful sleep.  So stinking cute. 


Val said...

We were all at their house for Easter, and once over the summer I think.