Tuesday, November 09, 2010

Chew Baby Chew

Today I gave the feeding clinic therapist raisins to try with Cameron. He loves them. He hates to touch them, but within 5 minutes of work he was shoving two raisins and a whole goldfish in his mouth at the same time. His current challenges are touching sticky foods, chewing food, then knowing when he's chewed it enough that it's time to swallow. Raisins are perfect, and they are fruit which he does not like outside of a puree form, and should help with the constipation issues he's having recently.  It's really funny to watch him eat them too. He will take the first raisin in a pincher grasp and eat it no problem. But then the next one he starts to use the pincher grasp, balks at it looking at his fingers in disgust, then uses both hands with the palms facing upward and pinches the raisin between the outside of his hands on the pinkie finger side and sort of tosses/tongues it into his mouth. Then the next raisin he uses the pincher grasp. Then the next he uses the funny hand thing again. The therapist was really impressed, said it shows he now finds some aspects of eating pleasurable enough to find away to overcome his sensory issues to eat food. My Big Boy is growing up!!