Friday, December 26, 2008

Baby Boxing... Round 1

I hope everyone had a wonderful holiday. We had a nice quiet Christmas at home and were as usual spoiled by all our friends and especially by our family. Of course the babies made out like bandits on their first Christmas.

The quiet didn't endure for too long however. In what I am sure will become a daily event in our future we had our very first knock down drag out Baby Boxing match.

Mom-mom Judy gave the boys new rattles which they absolutely loved on sight. Both began shaking their respective toys with great enthusiasm. It wasn't enough to shake them from the elbow, which they can actually do sometimes. Oh no! These are cool, new noisy rattles with bright colors and relatively pointy hard edges. Laying on the floor side by side the boys shook the rattles with great enthusiasm, their full arms outstretched. Cameron made a quick switcheroo to confuse Evan by swapping his monkey rattle from one hand to the other. Evan was straight and true taking advantage of Cameron's momentary open weak spot with a lightning fast southpaw uppercut. He hit his unintended mark with as much might as his four inch long chicken arm could muster. Thus resulting in Round 1 completed with Evan whacking Cameron in the eyebrow really hard with the remarkably pointy end of a hard plastic rattle. This caused an instant TKO to Cameron, complete with whales, tears, shrieks, and sobs.

It was really difficult not to laugh, and I have to admit that I am a mean mommy and couldn't help myself by snickering while trying to console Cameron. It was a bit like watching Time Warp to see the thought process go through Cameron's head registering his pain and shock. Evan gave a very heartfelt apology as it truly was an accident that in his excitement Cameron's head got in the way. Cameron has forgiven Evan for this infraction on their brotherly truce (cleverly negotiated by their attending nurses while enjoying their lovely stay in Hotel AAMC's NICU to resolve any outstanding animosity for Evan's necessary forcing of Cameron's early eviction from Mommy's belly.) Cameron doesn't seem to be the grudge holding type, so I think Evan is okay for now. However, Cameron did give the offending toy a very stern furrowed brow look when I later offered his opponents weapon of choice to play with shortly afterward.

It's rough being a baby.

Out of my way Mom! I'm driving like Daddy!

You're so silly Daddy!

Ewwww Chewie! Your breath stinks!

Happy Holidays Everyone!


Dianna said...

They are just too adorable in their Santa suits :)

Trish said...

It's awful but I laughed to hard.
Robbie has occasionally flailed his arms enough to send a bottle flying and conk him in the head. I laugh then, too.

What good are children if not to laugh at?

Jennifer said...

They are just getting SO big!