Friday, December 12, 2008

Evan has RSV

It's official. Evan has RSV. We almost went to the ER at 3am because he was wheezing so bad but the on call pediatrician told us to get him in a steamy shower and then see how he does after sucking the snot out of his nose and he was quite a bit better. He can barely lay down for diaper changes because he gets all stuffed up again. We went in to our regular pedi first thing this morning and after having an albuterol nebulizer treatment to dry up his congestion he was still wheezing. Our fear is that Cameron will also come down with RSV very soon too, but he seems to be having no problems at all.

Poor Evan won't eat more than an ounce every three hours. The pedi wasn't too worried about that but she said that if he stops eating all together for 24 hours or has any further signs of breathing problems or a high feaver come in to the office or just go straight to the ER. We're looking for signs that his respiratory rate is higher than 60 breaths a minute. We are very familiar with counting respiratory rates because of Cameron's PLD (Pulmonary Lung Disease).

Ugh! I was hoping we'd make it to their 1st birthday in March, the end of RSV season before their first cold but at least we made it to 8 1/2 months old. The boys have been moved to seperate cribs for the first time. We've seperated their toys and anything else they usually share just in case. Everything has been washed and sterilized and wiped with Clorox wipes over and over. The only thing not spotless in this house are the dogs. We just don't have the energy to wash them too, and boy do they need it.

Oh! And when I got home the power company was at our house to cut down two trees. They were supposed to call me a day in advance to let me know they were coming out so I could keep the dogs in the house. I wish they had so I could have asked them to come another day because I had to walk the dogs so they could go to the bathroom and since I can't walk them together on my own I had to do two walks in this cold windy weather.

Ugh, so tired. We're all so very, very tired.


Dianna said...

*hugs* to Evan. So sorry to hear it did turn into RSV. I hope he recovers quickly. I am sure you are exhausted. *hugs*