Monday, December 29, 2008

Standing Up

For about three months Cameron has been able to stand flat footed when we hold him up. It is the best way to calm him when he's frustrated, except when he's flinging his head backwards from reflux. For Cameron everything is more interesting when he's standing up. Last week the PT noticed that he's trying to take little steps with his left foot, though not his right yet. He has started taking great giggling joy in locking his right knee when we change his diaper. Today when I changed his diaper each time I had to fight and out smart him to get his knee to bend. And each time my tricks didn't work he would look at me and give a belly laugh (he heh, you fool woman!) and I would try again.

In a leap for Evan, he has begun as of yesterday to stand like his brother! It felt like this day would come. He's only three months behind with his muscle tone but yesterday like magic he suddenly just got that he's supposed to straighten out his back, lower his legs, lock the knees and stand flat footed. And he's so proud of him self he smiles every time. I'm so proud of him and just stunned how the light bulb just seemed to click. It's the first time where something like that has happened for Evan.

Also yesterday Cameron grabbed a double helix shaped rattle in one hand, passed it to the other hand, where Evan grabbed the rattle from Cameron and passed the toy to HIS other hand. Sadly I missed the event, though my mother called me screaming to come quick. Pretty cool. And since that event both boys have been super interested in the baby laying next to them or in the mirror.

But they aren't napping for crap, and if I get one down the other wakes up. Hopefully they go to bed on time tonight. And the dogs have been after me to play and chase them all day, poor things. Once Drew gets home we can do more with them too. Though Mommy's got things to work on that do not require the assistance of babies OR big puppy dogs.

11pm edit - during his diaper change Evan was staring at his feet and grabin them, something Cam has been doing for a week!!