Tuesday, December 23, 2008


Today I saw Cameron pass a toy from one hand to the other, not once but three times.

Today I saw Evan staring at his open right hand while sitting in the bath. I poured water over that hand and he turned the hand palm facing up with fingers splayed open to "catch" the water. He did this about six times.

Today Cameron spent half his bath time sitting in the upright seated position side of the baby tub with my hand gently holding him in place so he would not tip over to the side. It's a long way from not even fitting in the newborn sling so his butt floated around in the water.

Today they were both able to eat MOST of each bottle with minimal screaming, though it did take at least two hours to eat each of their bottles and required that we get them to fall asleep to drink it.

Today the boys have slept remarkably well, probably because they've eaten so well.

Today I got to sleep more than 4 hours thanks to my wonderful husband and mother for giving me the break I needed.

Some silver linings for my holiday.


K. said...

And you deserve all of that friend - the boys are coming along beautifully and it's so wonderful that you're noticing and savoring these special milestone moments. You're a wonderful Mom and Cameron and Evan are so lucky to have you. Enjoy this Christmas - it's one of the most special ones you'll ever have with your new family! xo

Valerie said...

I'm glad to hear you had a good Christmas. I hope 2009 is tons better than 2008.